This international competition for the sustainable development of Velika Plaza into a tourism waterfront on an ecological coastal strip on the Adriatic Sea was held by Montenegro’s Ministry for Economic Development.

Our entry for the urban masterplan incorporates both urbanism and landscape, due to the unique environmental value of the location. The development of Velika Plaza is not just an isolated endeavour as the location and the development project are of significant (inter)national importance. And civilisation is defined, not only by what it creates, but also by what is chooses to protect. This explains the need for sustainable development in the areas of ecology, economy, education, water, energy and waste management. But it also promotes sustainability for Montenegro’s local population in the areas of employment, public space, health care, recreation and education. Our winning proposal offered a strategic framework in which all of these factors were accommodates – ensuring quality throughout the coming years of development.

Location: Ulcinj, Montenegro
Client: Ministry of Economic Affairs
Partners: OZ architects
Category: Strategy, Urban Design, Landscape Architecture, Public Space