The Gorzen is a district in the south of Schiedam with a rich history and strong social identity. Originated between the harbours of the Meuse and the old city, the working-class quarter was set up in the small scale that was custom to early 20 century dwelling areas. The popular district has a social cohesion and most of the families stay and spread through this quarter. Only few seek their homes elsewhere. In the 21st century, traffic, wealth and the impact of the car in the public space lead to an unacceptable distress on the use and quality of the streets, squares and the possibility to meet and play. Before that period most of the social life was found on the pavement, in front of the small workers homes.

Stijlgroep is responsible for the development a masterplan on how to find the balance again between the different ways of use of public space and the redefinition of the identity of the different public structures within the quarter. The identity and definition of public space became the basis for the next level of regeneration: the definition of the architectural identity of the various neighbourhoods within the Gorzen, as an architectural guideline for the coming reconstruction of the housing blocks.

Location: Schiedam, The Netherlands
Client: Municipality of Schiedam
Date: 2007 - 2008
Category: Strategy, Landscape Architecture, Public Space