In Romania, the symbiosis of people and nature is still valued by its inhabitants. Especially in the east, where occupation and nature almost intertwine in daily life and where the bears sometimes visit the city of Brasov, looking for food. In the weekend, most of the people from the city go to the landscape where they come to rest in their second homes. Valley 21, east from Brasov, and on the border of Natura 2000, is the last valley where this kind of development is allowed by the government. There are strict regulations in regard to preservation of the nature and sustainability.

Valley 21 is the symbolic connection between the frantic 21st century life and the essence of life in a pastoral community, rooted in pristine undisturbed nature. The valley of approximately 70 acres is located east of Brasov in Vama Buzaului. The development gives new meaning to luxury. Luxury not as an extravagance, but as in living the essence of quality.

Stijlgroep is responsible for the masterplan, landscape plan, implementation of the sustainability petals of the Green Building Council and designed the architecture of the three identity zones within the valley. All life is, and activities are related to the simple basics of the valley: water (the river), the meadows, and the forest slopes.

Location: Vama Buzăului, ROMANIA
Client: BTF
Date: 2014 - 2016
Category: Strategy, Urban Design, Landscape Architecture, Public Space, Architecture