Stijlgroep landscape and urban design is a multidisciplinary design firm based in Rotterdam. Every day, we work on the design and development of our living space. Our approach is broad; the best of landscape architecture, urban design and architecture are mixed together to create the best solution. Our approach clearly reflects our Rotterdam roots: Dare and do!

We work with passion and creativity on achievable plans at every level: from master plan to detailed designed. This not only enables us to respond to the design questions of the Dutch market, but also to use our local expertise in our foreign projects. The common factor in all our assignments is our approach. From a landscape architectural point of view, we search for the singularity of the assignment, the specific character of the location and the role people play in the whole; as users and as clients.

We recognise the interests of all of the stakeholders, treat them with care and are always aware of all of the environmental factors. People and landscape are our sources of inspiration: they stimulate us, and enable us to create designs with a high level of enthusiasm. We are not afraid of leaving the beaten track when an assignment so requires. A clear vision on our profession enables us to bring out the best in every assignment.


The process of creating a sustainable and successful environment is never a path we prefer to walk alone. Although we are more than able to cover (most of) the process, we are more than aware that our knowledge - and therefor the result - profits from participation and collaboration.

Over the last 40 years we accomplished a broad network of expertise in fields such as real estate, developers, planners, architects, financial experts and investors, that we will put to your benefit, when requested. These alliances sometimes grow into international work forces. Stijlgroep is partner of Go Dutch Consortium.


Since day one, Stijlgroep is involved with people. Our clients are people, as are the end users of the work we do daily. In this we strive to provide the best, in product and in service. But we are aware that the world is bigger than our work field.

We think it is equally important to invest in our society and environment as well. As such, we distribute our knowledge to other countries and give lectures at universities. For over two decades now, we team up with and invest in the promising population of our own neighbourhood Feijenoord. We contribute abroad and create possibilities for less fortunate communities to build schools and educate future generations.

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