Landscape can be a new beginning,  Steinse Groen is located on the east side of Gouda and is a long thin strip of land of about 200 metres wide and 1500 metres long. The area forms the transition between a residential area and polder land. In the past this area consisted of blue grassland and swamp land which was typical of the original landscape. An important part of those images can be found in our plan.
The agricultural land has been returned to blue grass and swamp land. A number of recreational facilities have been included, such as grass areas, playgrounds, playing facilities, a training circuit, etc.
The plan provides only for vegetation that is native to the area. Open water areas are established so that conditions are optimised for vegetation to grow spontaneously in the water/land transition belt. This green buffer returns a forgotten layer of quality and has matured over the years. It can be regarded as one of our benchmark-projects to show the potential of landscape.

Location: Gouda, The Netherlands
Client: Municipality of Gouda
Date: 1995
Category: landscape design