Captured between highway and railway, Schieveste is one of the best accessible business locations of the Netherlands, five minutes from Rotterdam the Hague Airport and forty minutes from Schiphol International Airport. The multi-functional business park combines multi-accessibility with the ambition of high quality in public space. Because of the concentration of program on this infrastructural knot a lot of compensation in water management was needed. Schiedam choose to store the water basins underneath the road, in an innovative system of crates. Stijlgroeps creativity was challenged by this and created a concept from the east of the business park in the direction of the river Schie, where the pavement figuratively and in reality cracks open to gather the water along the boulevard. At the station, the water becomes a more constant feature on the square, before it disappears and pours into the river. At the station entrance, all criss-cross movement of the users and passengers comes alive in the lay-out and material used to visualize the rush during peak hours.

Location: Schiedam
Client: Municipality of Schiedam and Burgfonds
Date: 2008 - 2010
Category: Landscape Architecture, Public Space