With 100 miles of coastline, the island of Bahrain has developed towards a post oil economy and invests mainly in tourism and banking. These two features make the island of Bahrain an excellent climate for investments in hospitality. The landscape is leading in the sustainable and green development of climate-adaptive landscape parks, as a catalyst for leisure and hospitality. Along the inner coastline of this area of Bahrain, surrounded with infrastructure and high density development, this sites offers the public a perfect accessible welcome and comfortable, divers scenery on their walk through a wide range of hospitality, cultural facilities and gastronomic experience. This project includes a program with two major parking lots, a concept of an international food experience market, and a variety of hotels and restaurants, all within the green settings of the landscape park.

Location: Bahrain
Client: Kingdom of Bahrain
Date: 2014 - 2015
Category: Strategy, Urban Design, Landscape Architecture