The Market of Vlaardingen is the very most historic part of Vlaardingen. Since the early beginnings this has been the space of the public, cultural life and it is still. The monumental trees, the existing brick walls around the church, the historic town hall and the Geuzenmonument (reminding of the first major resistance group in the Netherlands and the people who died in concentration camps) define the atmosphere of the Market. Stijlgroep designed the renewed historic space around the church first, in 2011, but the assignment, in close participation with the people of Vlaardingen, quickly grew to the adjacent historic streets, towards the old harbour. Between 2011 and 2016 almost half of the public space in the historic centre of Vlaardingen is redecorated by the designs of Stijlgroep. In 2017, the relationship between the historic shopping streets and the shopping centre from the late 60’s, is subject to study and renewal.

Location: Vlaardingen, The Netherlands
Client: Municipality of Vlaardingen
Date: 2009 - 2016
Category: Strategy, Landscape Architecture