On the former site of Euryza in Zwijndrecht, located besides the river Oude Maas, two building blocks will be realized in two phases. The building blocks have an inner court surrounded by rowhouses along the Ringdijk and apartments with a beautiful view over the historic center of Dordrecht and are spatially separated from each other by a pedestrian street and connected at the quay by an elongated square, the Euryzaplein, in the axis of the center of Zwijndrecht towards the Church of Dordrecht. On the square there will be catering facilities and a large staircase forming the connection between the high and the low quay; an inviting place to stay along the water and enjoy the lively inland shipping.

At first, the apartment complexes Landzigt and Rietvink will be realized and immediately adjacent Rozenburg (total of 54 houses). These buildings are similar in structure and layout, but due to different material use and the design of the balconies they each have a completely different appearance.

The ground level is made up of 'free' forms; non-directional to support the 'free' housing blocks with various heights. All in all a special living environment in a particularly striking spot besides the river.

Location: Zwijndrecht, The Netherlands
Client: AM
Partners: Groosman
Rendering: Zes x Zes Visuele Communicatie
Date: 2018
Category: Public Space, Landscape Architecture