Technically it is possible to purify wastewater with greenhouses. This message was picked up by the creators of Kansenkaart Feijenoord in a documentary by the VPRO (Stijlgroep - RAAM).

With the idea that this water purification principle could have added value in the restructuring of the Feijenoord district (located outside the dike), Stijlgroep and Buro RAAM have started to work and have sought partners who wanted to get involved in this innovative idea; a water purifying greenhouse as a focal point in a densely populated residential area in Rotterdam South.

The partners eventually became the Municipality of Rotterdam (Urban Development, sewerage / water management department), the Dutch board for Island and Meadow purification, the Dutch Delta Water Board and the Dutch Multinationals Innovation Quarter, supported by the Unilever and Hunter Douglas, local primary schools and the housing corporation.

We are now going to start with phase 2, the preparations for the realization. Costs and benefits have been studied and the first exploratory sketches were made: in the Nassauhavenpark and in the Persoonshaven (near the Stijlgroep office).

We see the greenhouse as more than a purification greenhouse. It will serve as a social focal point, a place of meeting, catering, support for education (basic and technical), work experience place and stimulator of urban agriculture.

Location: Rotterdam, Netherlands
Partners: Buro RAAM
Date: 2018
Category: Landscape Architecture, Urban Design, Public Space