On 31 may 2017 alderman Joris Wijsmuller of the municipality of The Hague and Henri van Dam, director of Synchroon, signed an agreement for the issue of redeveloping former tennis park Waldeck, situated behind the dunes in The Hague.

Waldeck will be transformed into a new neighborhood, consisting of 132 houses, of which 78 are apartments in 5 building blocks and 54 are land-based dwellings. The project, named Finest of Ockenburgh, is remarkable for its sustainability: the gas-less neighborhood will rely on geothermal and solar powered energy.

For this development, Stijlgroep examined in a preliminary spatial investigation the possible locations in the area of Kijkduin. Continuing on this research the masterplan of the municipality was made later on. Together with MIX architecture, we designed the parceling plan and elaborated the design for the public space: calm, atmospheric and natural.

Recently the presale of phase 1 has started with great success. All spatial procedures have been completed and the realisation of the project has started with making the site ready for construction. The start of construction has been established on August 2018.

Location: The Hague, The Netherlands
Client: Synchroon
Partners: MIX architectuur, INFRASOIL
Date: 2014 - 2018
Category: Landscape Architecture, Urban Design, Public Space