Public space


The shopping centre of Dronten is named after the large inner sea of the Netherlands, with its colourful and crowded harbours, filled with fishermen ships. The street names refer to this inner sea and it’s vivid history. By the turn of the century, Dronten lost its position as regional shopping centre to other cities in the region and redevelopment of both the centre and its public space was due. Stijlgroep was invited to guide the participation process and designs of the whole area. We put the people in focus. Both the entrepreneurs and the shoppers wanted a change from the unattractive grey and windy environment and demanded colour and a human scale. With double the square meters in shopping area, Stijlgroep designed the new entrance streets to the shopping centre, the inviting parking lots and the routing through the new shopping centre. Within the shopping heart, there is enough colour, light and public space to have a pleasant stay and experience. A few years later, Suydersee regained its status of regional shopping centre.

Location: Dronten, The Netherlands
Client: Foruminvest / Municipality of Dronten
Date: 2004 – 2006
Category: Landscape Architecture, Public Space