In order to house asylum seekers, COA transforms a part of a former military terrain in Grave, nearby the city of Nijmegen. In the vision, made by Stijlgroep, the strict grid of the neighbouring barracks is used as guideline for positioning new accommodations for the asylum seekers. On the terrain, which used to be an assault course for the military, several meeting places are situated in between the buildings, in addition to the sports fields and a square surrounded by facilities. To be able to recuperate the 600 asylum seekers, the plan consists of an increasing range of possibilities to interact. Where the green borders around the terrain, of the small squares in front of the buildings provides security and the feeling of protection, the facilities square is designed to be the joined link where the interaction between society and the secured world of the centre takes place.

Location: Grave, The Netherlands
Client: COA
Partners: Groosman
Date: 2014 - 2016
Category: Strategy, Urban Design, Landscape Architecture, Public Space