The Water Gardens location holds a central position in the city of Manama, the capital of Bahrain. It is one of the oldest public spaces in the city it has an important socio-cultural function. However, the present spatial conditions are poor. The Water Gardens need to be re-evaluated in order for it to again gain its proper status and position for the city.

We propose to make the Water Gardens a place of beauty and a place of wonder: a place unique to the city and with a strong social and cultural significance. The Water Gardens will flourish and the city will have a place where stories unfold.

The Water Gardens shall be engulfed in a framework of trees, so as to create a strong inner space within the city. Two main identities will emerge: one of water and one of beautiful vegetation. These identities will be held together by an overarching network of a seamless flow of walking routes. The routes are structured by art pieces; both monumental or interactive and buildings which accompany a complementary programme for the whole urban context.  Think of culture and art, dining and recreation, botanical gardens, viewpoints and for instance places for meeting, music and festivities. The Water Gardens as an urban oasis of culture, interaction, landscape and beauty - this is our proposal.

Client: Kingdom of Bahrain
Date: 2016
Category: urban design, landscape design, public space