The Vijfsluizen Junction project involves the restructuring of the Vijfsluizen intersection along the A4 motorway between Vlaardingen and Schiedam.

The realisation of the extended A4 motorway between Vlaardingen and Schiedam and the growth of the economic areas around the junction, demands for an integral reconstruction to improve capacity and traffic flow. Reconstruction of the car infrastructure is not enough though: an improvement of public transport with pre- and post-transport and a good cycling network are also needed to guarantee the accessibility of this part of the region.

The project covers the reconstruction of both the entrances and exits, the connecting main road structure (Vlaardingerdijk), the access roads to the residential areas and business parks, the redesign of the surrounding landscape and the transformation of the public transport hub Vijfsluizen. The stakeholders involved consist of central government, province and water board, MRDH, RET, the municipalities of Vlaardingen and Schiedam and the local residents and entrepreneurs.

From the initiation phase of the project, Stijlgroep has been involved in the various subprojects. The landscape master plan for the surroundings of the Vijfsluizen junction provides the framework for the landscape transformation of the Vijfsluizen metro station. The "forgotten" back entrance of the public transport hub changes into a green front entrance for Schiedam West and the business park. The station is included in the reconnected landscape between tidal park and Poldervaart and offers a high-quality representation of Schiedam West and Business park Vijfsluizen. The infrastructural knot itself has been entangled and reorganised into a green public transport environment with a wide range of alternative forms of transport for the last mile to the final destination.

Location: Schiedam-Vlaardingen, The Netherlands
Client: Municipality of Schiedam and Vlaardingen, MRDH, Entrepeneurs of Vijfsluizen, Residents' Association Schiedam West
Date: 2016-2019
Category: Strategy, landscape architecture, public transportation, infrastructure, specials