Nesselande is one of Rotterdams larger city expansions, on the other end of the artificial lake of the Zevenhuizerplas. The centre of this new city district with almost 5.000 dwellings, is set along the boulevard of the Zevenhuizerplas. It has 800 meters of beach, stretching from marina to an open area. This area in the north of the strip, is the transition from landscape and recreation, city-boulevard and open water. It is a popular place for surfers. The combination of elements make this location an unique location for a special dwelling concept, that embraces the wildness of the spot, at the intersection of recreation, water and nature landscape.

At Noorderstrand, the boulevard along the beach diverges from the straight line and ends in a counterpart of the marina. It becomes a public square with a sculptural building, to symbolize this point of Nesselande. On the peninsulas and along the promenade, specific living environment concepts originate in a non-rational parcel plan, that constantly seeks a different relationship between the houses, the landscape and the water. Thus, each dwelling obtains its own specific position in the water landscaped habitat. A different approach to living, quite opposite to the rational urban lay-out of Nesselande, but what a striking preservation of the wild spirit of the surfers paradise.

Stijlgroep is responsible for the concept, landscape, urban design and preliminary design of the architecture.

Location: Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Client: Syntrus Achmea
Date: 2013
Category: Strategy, Urban Design, Landscape Architecture