Every now and then a project comes along, which  distinguishes itself from other work. A project that suits you in one way or another. Sometimes it is in the question behind the assignment. Ocasionally you are triggered by the spatial plan of someone else. You wonder why a plan was drawn at a certain location, while the environment so clearly asks for a specific character. That particularity of the place is something that you recognize or not and is often personal or office specific.

Kapelpolder in Maassluis is such a project. A business park with a small area of workers' houses from the beginning of the20th century, it is a stone's throw from the characteristic church island and the port of origin of Maassluis. Long neglected, Kapelpolder is like a forgotten puzzle piece between the historic port and the surrounding residential areas. Along the river, Balkon is almost finished. The special rural living of Wilgenrijk is situated a bit further away along the A20.

Since the arrival of the Hoekselijn, the center of Maassluis is suddenly 20 minutes from the center of Rotterdam. And with that, the dynamics of Kapelpolder as a business park on top of the center and public transport are definitively shown in a different light.

The historic port and the shipyard of De Haas are still the beating heart in the area. Inspired by this uniqueness, Stijlgroep has developed a high-quality, and diverse living and working environment, which really adds something to Maassluis. Stijlgroep makes Kapelpolder a fully-fledged part of the urban fabric of the city. It uses the latent historical and contemporary qualities to form the compact and complete environment that Maassluis needs. Great to see Stijlgroep's vision catching on and how this ambition is being embraced.

Date: 2022
Category: vision, spatial development, landscape architecture, urban design, architecture