Aalsmeer is well known for two things: Dutch flowers and Dutch water landscape. Almost one third of Aalsmeer consists of water, through a small water network that even penetrates to the heart of the former fishermen’s village.

Nowadays the main economy of Aalsmeer is defined by the flower industry and the proximity of Schiphol International Airport and the city of Amsterdam. To provide an increase of new inhabitants, the Lijnbaan area, close to the centre of Aalsmeer, is available for transformation into housing district.

Stijlgroep developed a waterbased landscape and urban lay-out for a variety of neighbourhoods that respond to their water environment differently. The overall architecture has a colourful Scandinavian edge to it and refers to the architecture on the Scandinavian islands. Most of the houses or plots are in direct contact with water, connecting Dorpshaven (Village harbour) directly to the Westeinderplassen, one of Hollands largest inner lakes for water recreation.

Location: Aalsmeer, The Netherlands
Client: Synchroon
Date: 2005 - 2018
Category: Strategy, Urban Design, Landscape Architecture