In 2013, together with Mahler Vastgoed Ontwikkeling (MVO) and groosman, we presented our vision on the redevelopment of the Karwei location in the municipality of The Hague. On the border between Transvaal and the Schilderswijk, the concept ‘24/7’ arose as a powerful impulse for the two districts and also as a connection between Park Transvaal and the Haagse Markt (the Hague market). As a focal point, the complex provides a 'stacking' of new functions complementary to the environment.

24/7 The Hague is a big mix of functions: fashion, food, entertainment, parties, conferences, health and so on. In addition to appeal to the locals, it will also attract a wider audience. The international character of the concept will be an enrichment for Transvaal and the Schilderswijk.

As part of the line 11 zone, the development location is one of the pearls that connects HS Station with the location, the Park Transvaal, the Haagse Markt and Park de Verademing and finally Scheveningen. Line 11 is of vital importance: the future role of 24/7 The Hague is of special value in this context. This development means a huge boost for the district due to the supra-state ambition. Such an ambition would require a building of international allure. The aspect also forms the link to the district, which is characterised by an amalgamation of cultures and nationalities.

Park Transvaal connects seamlessly with the stepless ascending roof park of 24/7 and there is a connection with public transport, walking, cycling and car routes.

The development is climate neutral, adds quality and value to the neighbourhood and is future-proof. 24/7 The Hague is a place where all cultures come together and feel at home.

Client: Municipality of The Hague
Date: 2013
Category: urban design, architecture, landscape design, public space