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Plan Tide, Dordrecht

Plan Tij - Dordrecht | Stijlgroep
Landscape can be liquid too. Just next to natural park ‘de Biebosch’ which is famous for their tide–related mangroves. We were assigned to design a masterplan for a layout of 96 dwellings for the upper segment. The brief stated the dwellings should be situated in a ‘green’ environment. We successfully reinterpreted the brief by introducing the elements of the Biesbosch to the plot. In short we flooded the polder so now tides and water are the key-elements for the organisation of dwellings. This proved not to be an easy task; The relationship between the height of the homes, the normative high tide and the dykes resulted in very specific starting points for the design. The solutions varied from living on piles to alternative ways of preparing the land for building to a closed mass-haul diagram.

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  1. Goedemorgen, my name is Michael Mitchell and I am researching this project for a report on water adaptive living in the Netherlands and wanted to learn more about the site’s unique characteristics. For instance what is a “closed mass-haul diagram”? Does this mean that all cut and fill came from the site with no exterior inputs or outputs? Also in general, I am looking for specific ground elevations that were specified to prevent flood damage. Also was the site’s vegetation specified with native species?

    Any information would be very useful as there is not a lot of English descriptions of this project.



    1. Dear Michael,

      at first thanks a lot for your interest in this really amazing project.

      The closed soil balance was indeed realized. Only sand for foundation work has been brought onto site.

      The plan has been developed in consultation with Rijkswaterstaat (the governmental institution for all questions regarding water issues) . They have defined the floor levels of the dwelling units in such a way that only once in 500 years flooding could occur. Only the boat houses do have space under the determined level: this space is only uses for parking but definitely not for living.

      We have chosen species of the the pioneer vegetation assuming that the conditions for natural reproduction are given. Right now the second season for the plants is starting and it our assumption seems to be correct. The reed beds growing as well as the herb vegetation. First natural succession of willow and broach can be discovered.

      Paul van Wijk

  2. Beste Paul,

    Van harte gefeliciteerd met de eerste prijs voor het plan Tide. Mooi zo’n natuurlijke omgeving waarin niet alles ingeperkt is en de natuur tot haar recht komt.

    Hartelijke groet,

    Marijke van Loon

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