Inspired by the pride of Turkmenistan and its beautiful hand-woven tapestries, the long stretched park is designed to form a coherent whole, weaving together the urban fabric along the main boulevard in the capital city of Ashgabat. Integrated into the language of the design are pedestrian bridges, ponds, rich biodiversity, pavilions and dynamic lighting elements.

The undulating organic landscape is ‘combed’ by an informal rhythm of illuminated lines, which emphasises the newfound connectivity with the urban context - healing the gap between the two sides of the formerly dominant infrastructure. The colourful and impressive landscape tapestry is marked with special accents at the beginning and end in the form of a forest of lights and a tea house seat within an interactive landscape. The green imperative counters urban heat, stimulates biodiversity, encourages social and cultural exchange, generates a playful environment and the park stores water for botanical maintenance in dry periods.

Client: Municipality of Ashgabat
Date: 2014
Category: Urban design plan, Landscape design plan