The estate of Nieuweroord has a rich history. A.G. Bosman bought the land in the early twenties of the former century and had his country house built. The design of the garden-park was made by Dutch renowned landscape architect Springer, a follower of the traditional English landscape architecture. Over the following years, the city of Leiden grew around the estate. The estate becoming more and more part of the city. In the late fifties, the municipality bought the premises and built an apartment building for nurses, cutting off the park in the front and backyard. The landscape park became a public park. It was embraced by the neighbourhood by its beauty and diversity, although the park was altered and maintained poorly.

The assignment to redevelop the estate for new residential use, was interpreted by Stijlgroep as an opportunity to reinstall the quality and stature of the Springerpark. Recreating the enchanting English landscape park where the new inhabitants and the surrounding neighbourhood can experience the beauty and splendour in full glory. Masterplan, urban plan, landscape architecture are all by Stijlgroep. The proposal got the unanimous popularity vote from the involved stakeholders.

Location: Leiden, The Netherlands
Client: Syntrus Achmea
Date: 2009 - 2010
Category: Strategy, Urban Design, Landscape Architecture