Public space


Maassluis has two centres. The old historic centre at the harbour, that originated the city at the lock (“sluis”) of the river Meuse (“Maas”), and the more wide shopping mall Koningshoek, built in the 1970s. After some minor upgrades and a set of attempts to redevelop the shopping area, the new owner of the centre started a total revision of the shopping mall. The architectural renewal was in the capable hands of Liesbeth van der Pol, whereas Stijlgroep designed a new context for the crumbled patchwork outside. From all four directions of the wind, the entrances to the shopping mall were redefined. The parking lots were extended, organized all over again and given a new inviting and pleasant look. Each of the parking lots has its own identity. Where the facades of the mall prevail over the public space, the design is sober and create orientation. But where the mall turns its back to the audience, the public space steps in and creates its own pleasant green identity. One of the specials in the plan is the plaza where the market is held. Here the material changes colour and the lining over the parking lot are exaggerated to create an own identity. But all of the entrances to the mall are clearly distinguished and invite the public in.

Location: Maassluis, The Netherlands
Client: Wereldhave / Municipality of Maassluis
Date: 2013 - 2016
Category: Landscape Architecture, Public Space