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Within this closed tender, Stijlgroep, together with Art & Build and M4 Architects, examined the possibilities for the merger of two healthcare institutions. Accommodating two different healthcare institutions under one roof brought us the possibility of organising healthcare in a new way, making it affordable and bringing it closer to people, nature and society.

The plan goes further than merely proposing an autonomous (care) building; in its core, the building and the park are not two separate entities, but function as a synergetic whole. Hereby, a layered "rehabilitation and recreation landscape" is created, in which the integrated park and the landscape-like building reinforce each other in program, form and function. Here, rehabilitation and recreation takes place in a healthy landscape and humane environment; it is a place of rich biodiversity and nature, but also of respect, meeting and healing. The plan both stimulates all of the senses and offers security and personal space. The vision proposes a layered landscape, both natural and architectural, which embraces the values ​​of respect, enthusiasm, responsibility, attention, professionalism, involvement and cooperation. In line with the high sustainability ambition, the building is completely built out of wood and has spacious roof gardens and a shared central "piazza" as a focal point in the landscape. Within the enrichment of landscape and ecology, the building plays its own integrated role as a generator of various ecosystems.

Client: Hooijdonk, Pulderbos
Partners: Art&Build, M4 Architecten
Date: 2018
Category: Special, Architecture, Landscape design, Public Space