The star-shaped village of Zwevegem is near the canal between Bossuit and Kortrijk, in the province of West-Flandres, Belgium.

At the beginning of the industrial revolution, the small village benefits from the industrial expansion. A power plant complex is built at the front of the canal. In the fifties, larger power plants were built elsewhere. This resulted in the Beeckaerts industrial area slowly diminishing, until its closure at the end of the last century.

The Intercommunale Leiedal issued a competition, for ideas to reinstate the monumental area in its full glory to the public.

Stijlgroeps proposes to transform the area into a public park, inviting all in its broad surroundings to come to this unique location at the canal. The design reserves and repositions the industrial heritage as a cultural and touristic attraction. It contains an untamed landscape park, an inviting water promenade, and finally a diagonal floating podium path through the whole area. This ensures connecction of the broad spectrum of activities. The connection with the roughened edge of the village is captured at the border. An ensemble of small row houses are placed in an orchard environment, along the old industrial wall, that surrounds parts of the area.

Location: Zwevegem, Belgium
Client: Intercommunale Leiedal
Date: 2014
Category: Strategy, Landscape Architecture, Public Space