For over thirty years Stijlgroep guides the consecutive cycles of transformation from secluded institution towards an innovative and open facility, in touch with their environment and society.

The landscape is implemented as healing and healthy environment, for both patients and staff. This transformation of an immense complex, with many different groups of patients, requires a sensitive and careful strategy. Thereto ensuring that the changes in use, experience and occupation effect the vulnerable patient groups in a positive way.

In the first two strategies, the landscape lay-out on the complex altered to connect the area with the surrounded landscape of the river and the polders. Redefining the identity of the lanes and greens to create an open structure, making sure the changed view on psychiatric care fits. The strategy also offers a more friendly and free approach, where mental health care and society are integrated.

In 2016 the third cycle of transformation started, and society returned on the premises in a combination of small housing projects, settled on the areas that are no longer in use by the hospital.

This transformation and long cooperation was honoured by a visit of the former Queen of the Netherlands and was rewarded the Golden Pyramid Award for Excellence.

Location: Poortugaal, The Netherlands
Client: Delta / Antes
Date: 1996 - 2017
Category: Strategy, Urban Design, Landscape Architecture, Public Space, Architecture