On numerous locations along the sea, city development and traffic lead to infrastructure along the coast, causing a barrier between the city inhabitants and the sea. The Kingdom of Bahrain has set the goal to invest in a sustainable and green future, to answer to the need for green and climate adaptive landscape and public space for their people. The Green Walkway is a design proposal on a location in Manama, where the city centre is currently cut off from the potentially beautiful shore line. With our philosophy of ‘landscape is leading’, we set out to weave the urban scale with landscape, architecture and the small scale into a vibrant aesthetic and functional whole. Importantly, the barrier of the King Faisal Highway will be evened out, to reconnect the city centre with the coastal zone in a seamless manner. A meandering boulevard, shopping malls, a tourist information centre, cultural destinations, hotels, underground parking and the eye catcher of the dow harbour – all become a part of the same cultural and (urban) landscape. A place to visit and to remember in a beautiful context.

Location: Manam, Bahrain
Client: Kingdom of Bahrain
Date: 2014 - 2015
Category: Strategy, Urban Design, Landscape Architecture