Heritage Days in the Netherlands

In the weekend of 14th and 15th of September 2013 there is a new edition of the heritage days. The theme this year is ‘Macht & Pracht’ and has been opened by minister […]

Symbolism, a designer’s language

Designs which are being based on strong conceptual ideas and thoughts are the most convincing ones when it does come down to design competitions. At least that convinces me the most when I […]

Urban stories: the joy of the moment

Living in a city equals for most people living in an exciting, stimulating environment. Hardly anyone does associate nature with an urban environment. The perception of city and urbanity is mostly linked to […]

Dredging of the Future

During the onsite construction of one of our projects I got in contact with the Van Doorn Group from Nieuwerbrug. This company consists of three specialized subsidiary and right now we are working […]

Building landmarks, do we still know how?

Every major city has it’s own famous landmark(s): some are very old, others are relatively new. Lately I’m wondering if our newest landmarks will make it to old age, or is that impossible […]

The Stijlgroep Blog is live!

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