Russkaya Gollandiya

Nizino, Russia. A small town in the vicinity of St. Petersburg. With the opening of the south-western section of the ring road a few years ago, transport accessibility has become much better. With […]

Rise of the Greatness wins Iktinos!

The Iktinos Prize is established in 1969 by architect Huig Maaskant, co-founder of The Rotterdam Academy of Architecture and Urban Design. This prize is awarded each year to the Academy Student who ‘… […]

Valley 21 | A warm welcome

This week for us was a very important step in the process of the design of Valley 21. With the holidays still in some of our systems, we had our first virtual meeting […]

Valley 21: A new meaning to luxury

CONTEXT Valley 21 is the symbolic connection between the frantic 21st century life and the essence of life in a pastoral community rooted in pristine undisturbed nature. The valley – of approximately 68 […]

Hageveld | Heemstede

A masterpiece of a restructuring project Restructuring is one of the hottest items of our days, due to financial aspects and increasing vacancy of buildings. Hageveld in Heemstede (The Netherlands) has been confronted […]

New urban strategies on wind.

Every half year there is a workshop at the Rotterdam Academy. In previous posts you could see the results of last year. This time we focused on the relation and interaction between climate, […]

A Tale of Ten Towers on AFFR 2011

On 8-9 oktober there is the Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam (AFFR). We are proud that the movie ‘A tale of Ten Towers’ is selected. The movie is made by Frank van Leersum and […]

Fruitful alliance in Brasil

Stijlgroep invests in new upcoming markets. Brasil – as one of the BRIC- countries, has a fast growing economy. In this strong economic growth, we have been invited to join several initiatives for […]

New land: Maasvlakte2

The new land winning of the Netherlands is already famous before its completion. The Maasvlakte is part of the port of Rotterdam, which is the largest one in Europe. The scale, the wind […]