The Quiet View

The quiet view On a sunny day I visited the site of Herkenrode Abbey in Hasselt, which has a fascinating history in a beautiful setting. After 15 years of restoration and redevelopment the […]

Delta – Antes – Poortugaal

Delta – Antes – Poortugaal By creating new landscape with the rubble of demolished buildings we practice what we preach: “”. Within a few years the rubble walls returned into green walls; pioneer […]

Heritage Days in the Netherlands

In the weekend of 14th and 15th of September 2013 there is a new edition of the heritage days. The theme this year is ‘Macht & Pracht’ and has been opened by minister […]

PULIC(ity) opening

Enormous efforts had been made, the last bits and pieces have been brought together; and now after a construction period of circa 4 months, it’s done: During the Geuzen Commemoration (Geuzenherdenking) on 13th […]

A grate(ful) design for monumental trees

A unique tree grate for Market Vlaardingen The trees are God’s great alphabet: With them He writes in shining green Across the world His thoughts serene. Leonora Speyer On the Market in Vlaardingen […]

It’s the final countdown…

The Market of Vlaardingen under construction Only a couple of weeks left before the big happening. The construction works are in full swing to achieve the deadline. On the 13th of March the […]

Koblenz on the move

The National garden show (NGS) 2011 The National Garden Show is the biggest event in the world of garden and landscape design in Germany since 1951 and attracts millions of visitors each time. […]

Near and far away

This quite catchy slogan caught our attention a couples of weeks ago when I did spend a weekend in Hannover. Not sure what to do on a grey, rainy Sunday the exhibition at […]

The poetic art of landscape

Do you know this amazing feeling standing in front of an enormous painting? Your body freezes, your eyes are getting slightly glassy and your whole body is paralysed… and at this moment it […]

Sunny all year around

The square in front of Rotterdam University is finished. The new design transforms the former dark square into a warm, sunny and modern spot. Despite the fact that the square is smaller than […]