The Quiet View

The quiet view On a sunny day I visited the site of Herkenrode Abbey in Hasselt, which has a fascinating history in a beautiful setting. After 15 years of restoration and redevelopment the […]

99 balloons

A colorful illusion Nina Hagen’s song 99 Luftballons (German for balloons) has become a real hit, and this house in Wexford in the southeast of Ireland has star qualities as well: a mass […]

Designing is storytelling

As landscape architect we design our every day environment we design squares, parks, new neigbourhoods we design here in the Netherlands and abroad. But whatever and wherever we design we are storytellers, as […]

Streetart an optical illusion

When childhood memories meet a profesional carreer, it results in great stuff. From my early childhood on I have allready started to look out for such LEGO images, being self a passionate LEGO […]

A facelift for the Market Square of Nuremberg

Next to renowned offices such as WES&Partner, LATZ + PARTNERS, Levin/ Monsingny, and Schegk, Stijlgroep landscape and urban design has participated in the competition for the Main Market and Fruit Market (Haupt- und […]

It’s the final countdown…

The Market of Vlaardingen under construction Only a couple of weeks left before the big happening. The construction works are in full swing to achieve the deadline. On the 13th of March the […]

Winter dream in a winter castle

When winter comes We dream of cold sunny days We dream of sparkling snow When winter comes We dream of skiing in The Alps We dream of sleigh riding in the Antarctica When […]

Koblenz on the move

The National garden show (NGS) 2011 The National Garden Show is the biggest event in the world of garden and landscape design in Germany since 1951 and attracts millions of visitors each time. […]

Blowing in the wind

The wind blows gently into my face and provides a pleasant cooling at this warm sunny day. In the background sway the dune grasses softly. Indeed I am at the coast, as you […]

Underbridge can be functional

Our job is not only about creat something new on a blanc canvas but it can also be something refreshing. For example, there are many public places that are not pleasant to be. […]