Rise of the Greatness wins Iktinos!

The Iktinos Prize is established in 1969 by architect Huig Maaskant, co-founder of The Rotterdam Academy of Architecture and Urban Design. This prize is awarded each year to the Academy Student who ‘… […]

Natural colors

After a visit to the Floriade2012 in Venlo I only can give you some reasons to visit it yourself. Often people are influenced by others whether to go or not. Well if you […]

Wilko van Ommeren: Internship

Hi! I’m studying at the van Hall- Larenstein University. During my internship at Stijlgroep, I was able to prove my skills and knowledge in practice . My internship last not longer then ten […]

Elasa | landscape is leading | by Kevin Claeys

Landscape is leading, not only in most of our proposals but also between the students of landscape architecture in Europe. It was in 1989 when a group of students founded an European association […]

I want to be a landscape architect…

Here is a great ‘commercial’ designed to get people interested in a landscape architecture study. It shows in a very nice way what landscape architecture is all about. Enjoy.

A Tale of Ten Towers on AFFR 2011

On 8-9 oktober there is the Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam (AFFR). We are proud that the movie ‘A tale of Ten Towers’ is selected. The movie is made by Frank van Leersum and […]

Sunny all year around

The square in front of Rotterdam University is finished. The new design transforms the former dark square into a warm, sunny and modern spot. Despite the fact that the square is smaller than […]

Dredging of the Future

During the onsite construction of one of our projects I got in contact with the Van Doorn Group from Nieuwerbrug. This company consists of three specialized subsidiary and right now we are working […]

How can you tell a story to a wide audience?

Make a movie. It’s fun. It’s cool and everyone loves it. Watch the Lego stop motion movie about the architecture of the Wilhelminapier Rotterdam (The Netherlands). Featuring towers designed by Norman Foster, OMA, […]

Grow beyond your own boundaries.

Being a young designer means very much having the constant desire to develop your own skills further and further. And I am not only speaking of developing your own creativity, but also about […]