Nature in the city

A while ago NRC Handelsblad published an interesting article on nature in the city. Animals appear to feel much more at home in the city than people might think. Modern cities are full with […]

Valley 21 | A river runs through it

‘We started, sketching and day-dreaming about the way the dwellings will enter Valley 21, like trouts swimming up the brook. Slowly moving, looking carefully around and enjoying the brightness of the water and […]

Valley 21 | Our first week digesting all info

After a week of consuming in Vama Buzaului (information, impressions and the fabulous hospitality) this week was meant to create some order in all the information that we gathered. We have the outlines […]

Phase 2a of Valley 21 is official!

A few weeks ago, Stijlgroep was invited by developer Building The Future for the design process of Project Valley 21 in Vama Buzaului, Romania. Last week we reached a new milestone in the […]

Wildlife bridges

Being involved in writing a blog, made me even more aware of the fact who many amazing information is out there in the worldwide web… there are even so many users, that experts […]

Landscape as structure; Houtribhoogte Lelystad

The city of Lelystad rest on newly claimed ground, the Flevopolder is only 60 years of age. The site for the Houtribhoogte required a unique statement. It is clamped between three forceful areas; […]

Stijlgroep news; Velika Plaza, Montenegro competition win!

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