A facelift for the Market Square of Nuremberg

Next to renowned offices such as WES&Partner, LATZ + PARTNERS, Levin/ Monsingny, and Schegk, Stijlgroep landscape and urban design has participated in the competition for the Main Market and Fruit Market (Haupt- und […]

Suburbia Transformed 2.0

We are proud to announce that Plan Tide is in the competion for an award Suburbia Transformed 2.0 at the James Rose Center. The James Rose Center, a non-profit landscape research and study […]

Dorpshaven Aalsmeer almost ready.

City councillor Ulla Eurich has symbolically reach out the key of the last dwelling. After we have started in 2005 with this project, already 6 years have passed before this project is almost […]

A futuristic view

Ever since the beginnings of human mankind, we have been interested in the future. Constantly human do ask themselves what might be tomorrow: what will their own life be in a couple of […]

Participants united

The participants of Stadsinitiatief are united in a poster that you can find across Rotterdam.

Award for Plan Tij

Plan Tij in Dordrecht is the winner of the ‘Water, Wonen & Ruimte Award 2011’ which is promoting the best plans in relation to water, living and public realm. During the national ‘Water, […]

Symbolism, a designer’s language

Designs which are being based on strong conceptual ideas and thoughts are the most convincing ones when it does come down to design competitions. At least that convinces me the most when I […]