Alpha&Omega in Nijmegen

The beginning end the end The beginning Having worked earlier on with Standvast Wonen, we have been again commissioned by them to develop a public realm scheme in a very short period of […]

Koblenz on the move

The National garden show (NGS) 2011 The National Garden Show is the biggest event in the world of garden and landscape design in Germany since 1951 and attracts millions of visitors each time. […]

Blowing in the wind

The wind blows gently into my face and provides a pleasant cooling at this warm sunny day. In the background sway the dune grasses softly. Indeed I am at the coast, as you […]

Form and function can go together

Sometimes it seemed to be that is doesn’t matter how urban spaces does look alike, but it they have to be functional and the space should be used as efficient as possible. This […]

Urban stories: the joy of the moment

Living in a city equals for most people living in an exciting, stimulating environment. Hardly anyone does associate nature with an urban environment. The perception of city and urbanity is mostly linked to […]

Fruitful alliance in Brasil

Stijlgroep invests in new upcoming markets. Brasil – as one of the BRIC- countries, has a fast growing economy. In this strong economic growth, we have been invited to join several initiatives for […]

Sunny all year around

The square in front of Rotterdam University is finished. The new design transforms the former dark square into a warm, sunny and modern spot. Despite the fact that the square is smaller than […]

Wildlife bridges

Being involved in writing a blog, made me even more aware of the fact who many amazing information is out there in the worldwide web… there are even so many users, that experts […]

Trees as street lighting

In the future there might be another way of street lighting! The use of LED lighting for the public space will have a competitor. Inject the leaves of a tree with nano-particles and […]