Valley 21 | A warm welcome

This week for us was a very important step in the process of the design of Valley 21. With the holidays still in some of our systems, we had our first virtual meeting […]

Valley 21 | A river runs through it

‘We started, sketching and day-dreaming about the way the dwellings will enter Valley 21, like trouts swimming up the brook. Slowly moving, looking carefully around and enjoying the brightness of the water and […]

Valley 21 | Our first week digesting all info

After a week of consuming in Vama Buzaului (information, impressions and the fabulous hospitality) this week was meant to create some order in all the information that we gathered. We have the outlines […]

Valley 21: A new meaning to luxury

CONTEXT Valley 21 is the symbolic connection between the frantic 21st century life and the essence of life in a pastoral community rooted in pristine undisturbed nature. The valley – of approximately 68 […]

Phase 2a of Valley 21 is official!

A few weeks ago, Stijlgroep was invited by developer Building The Future for the design process of Project Valley 21 in Vama Buzaului, Romania. Last week we reached a new milestone in the […]

A futuristic view

Ever since the beginnings of human mankind, we have been interested in the future. Constantly human do ask themselves what might be tomorrow: what will their own life be in a couple of […]

Parking first class.

Quite recently I received the newsletter Parkeren as part of the website Stedebouw en Architectuur. The top ten parking garages from Ed van Savooyen, the co-author of the book ‘Parkeren op niveau’, are […]

Trees as street lighting

In the future there might be another way of street lighting! The use of LED lighting for the public space will have a competitor. Inject the leaves of a tree with nano-particles and […]

LED lighting

There are only a couple of weeks left before the first highway worldwide will be seen in a new light: LED lighting elements along the A44. In times where all, governmental institutions as […]