Nature in the city

A while ago NRC Handelsblad published an interesting article on nature in the city. Animals appear to feel much more at home in the city than people might think. Modern cities are full with […]

Parking first class.

Quite recently I received the newsletter Parkeren as part of the website Stedebouw en Architectuur. The top ten parking garages from Ed van Savooyen, the co-author of the book ‘Parkeren op niveau’, are […]

Wildlife bridges

Being involved in writing a blog, made me even more aware of the fact who many amazing information is out there in the worldwide web… there are even so many users, that experts […]

Plan Tide, Dordrecht

Landscape can be liquid too. Just next to natural park ‘de Biebosch’ which is famous for their tide–related mangroves. We were assigned to design a masterplan for a layout of 96 dwellings for […]

First there was water

First there was water… The issue of water management internationally somehow automatically links to the Netherlands in the one way or the other. Our small country operates as a leading party in this […]

Dorpshaven Aalsmeer, finding advantages

In the Netherlands the perfect development area doesn’t exist, we need to find perfection in the factors that are available. Making use of what is there brings out the most surprising results. At […]