Russian people love the outdoors. For centuries, they have their country houses aside, for times that city life either becomes too crowded, too occupied or too comfortable. This theme was the initial start-up of this project near Proba, about 25 miles from the city St. Petersburg. It soon turned into a dwelling plan of more than 1.100 houses on the land of a former kolkhoz, between the village Proba and the dense forest. The scheme of the plot emphasizes the different borders of the kolkhoz. The entrance and centre of the development is located at the side of the village. From that focal point directions diverge towards the surrounding forest. The closer to the forest, the more trees dominate the atmosphere of the streets. The landscape diagonal through the plan is defined by a river, with built and unbuilt recreation facilities on both sides of the river banks.

Location: Saint Petersburg, Russia
Client: Petrofrigo
Date: 2008 - 2009
Category: Strategy, Urban Design, Landscape Architecture