The Quiet View

The quiet view

On a sunny day I visited the site of Herkenrode Abbey in Hasselt, which has a fascinating history in a beautiful setting.

After 15 years of restoration and redevelopment the old farm buildings and 100-hectare nature in the surrounding are redeveloped into an area where there is a lot to see and do. Because the site is still under reconstruction, you discover something new every time. The herbal and inspiration garden is already open and you can visit the experience center. Since March 29, 2015 you can visit the work of Hans op de Beeck in the pavilion, which was realized together with Mimesis architects.

In this clean sober housing you find a world different from its surroundings. When you walk trough the dark corridor and you enter an illusion of space.

A bright space where you get detached from the environment and outside influences. The perception (peacful, depressed, restful) is for anyone personally affected by their own peace of mind. Is it something unique or not? Can you see some resemblance with the surroundings of the Herkenrode Abbey?

The Quiet View

The Quiet View

Herkenrode Abbey

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