A new journey

A new journey

Stijlgroep has engaged in an exiting new adventure set on an island in the Persian Gulf; our recent journey took us to the Kingdom of Bahrain. Last February, 2015, Stijlgroep along with the GoDutch Consortium took part on invitation in the Bahrain International Garden Show (BIGS). As of now, some highly concrete developments are taking shape, but first we’ll explain to you some of its background story.

The participation of Stijlgroep at the BIGS was one of the highpoints in a continuing journey and exploration into a beautiful country and culture. When visiting Bahrain, we were guided over the island, came to meet interesting people and explored potential opportunities. At the garden show however, we actually came in contact with Her Royal Highness. The BIGS is a leading show in amongst others the fields of agriculture, ecology and landscape architecture. King Hamad Bin Isa Al Khalifa has patronage over the show, and it is opened and supported by Her Royal Highness Princess Sabeeka Bint Ibrahim Al Khalifa, whom is also the President of the Consultative Council of the National Initiative for Agricultural Development (NIAD). The garden show is a big event altogether.

Stijlgroep was invited for the occasion to make a specific proposal for one of the prime locations in Bahrain, to be presented to Her Royal Highness. The design proposal concerned the seashore-front of the capital city of Manama, along the King Faisal Highway. In an ongoing process in the studying of the local culture, history, aesthetics, society and social and spatial needs, a plan was formed. This proposal has been presented to Her Royal Highness and to the Bahraini people and was received with much enthusiasm. Here follows a cutout abstract impression which was a part of the later proposal;

In our dealings with, and research into Bahrain, it became all the more clear that it is truly a special place, this is also what we experienced during our stay on the island of Bahrain; a profound sense of hospitality, a rich culture and an open society. Furthermore, many unexpected encounters proved that there is a strong awareness regarding the need for high quality in landscape architecture, planning and architecture.

There were many positive encounters with people who had some form of engagement with landscape architecture and planning. Honorary consul Jaap Vaandrager played an important role in this process. As of now, we are engaged in various cases in which a next step will be made towards development.

This was a taste of the background story, leading towards the following exiting message; we are delighted to be able to hereby announce that Stijlgroep, as a part of the GoDutch Consortium in collaboration with the Dutch Building Association (DBA), will be receiving the visit in the Netherlands of the Bahraini Delegation of investors, building companies, pension funds and the Economic Development Board. Early September, new projects and collaborations will be discussed. The journey continues…

Stijlgroep BIGS Certificate


Stijlgroep | opening BIGS

Stijlgroep | GoDutch at BIGS


Stijlgroep | Proposal


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