Hageveld | Heemstede

A masterpiece of a restructuring project Restructuring is one of the hottest items of our days, due to financial aspects and increasing vacancy of buildings. Hageveld in Heemstede (The Netherlands) has been confronted […]

Reconstruction of public space is a public proces

WESTHAVENPLAATS. After the successful design-plan of the reconstruction of the Markt, the historic surroundings of the Grote Kerk (Big Church) and the Cityhall in the ancient heart of Vlaardingen, Stijlgroep now participates in […]

Development scheme in a sensitive landscape

Recently Stijlgroep has made the next “big step” in one of our leading development schemes; for the 26 ha large area “De tuinen van Hernesse” (The gardens of Hernesse) in the Netherlands we […]

Dredging of the Future

During the onsite construction of one of our projects I got in contact with the Van Doorn Group from Nieuwerbrug. This company consists of three specialized subsidiary and right now we are working […]

Opening soon.

On 17 th of May the Maasstad Hospital is going to open its doors. It has been 7 years ago when Stijlgroep has started his activities at this unique project: From arranging different […]

Conscience | Landscape is leading

Our assignments vary significantly in terms of content and scope. Over the years, we have worked on a variety of visions and master plans, as well as work specifications for an outdoor space, […]

3D modelling: what’s that all about?

Sun versus rain We all have the same kind of moment when we’re looking at new design proposals: Our eyes are almost automatically drawn to the catchy 3D images: people are gathering on […]

Teamwork, the way to a good final result

Call it an occupational disability but when I walk trough a city or neighbourhood I often look how our public space is constructed. Being a garden- and landscape engineer my attention is often […]

A toast to a great result

Last week Stijlgroep invited the design team of the Maasstad Hospital to the office to celebrate the delivery of the project. While enjoying a drink and snack we looked back on the past […]