The Quiet View

The quiet view On a sunny day I visited the site of Herkenrode Abbey in Hasselt, which has a fascinating history in a beautiful setting. After 15 years of restoration and redevelopment the […]

99 balloons

A colorful illusion Nina Hagen’s song 99 Luftballons (German for balloons) has become a real hit, and this house in Wexford in the southeast of Ireland has star qualities as well: a mass […]

A futuristic view

Ever since the beginnings of human mankind, we have been interested in the future. Constantly human do ask themselves what might be tomorrow: what will their own life be in a couple of […]

Starry Skies

In addition to what my colleague Christian posted earlier, there is another special Christmas lighting in Rotterdam this year. When winter comes the two black towers of Nationale Nederlanden and the ING Bank […]

A christmas barrel

It is five clock, night falls The buildings merge into one large, gray, cold mass People walk hurriedly through the streets of Rotterdam motivated only by the desire to escape the darkness into […]

Symbolism, a designer’s language

Designs which are being based on strong conceptual ideas and thoughts are the most convincing ones when it does come down to design competitions. At least that convinces me the most when I […]

Near and far away

This quite catchy slogan caught our attention a couples of weeks ago when I did spend a weekend in Hannover. Not sure what to do on a grey, rainy Sunday the exhibition at […]

The art of temporary art

Cities are constantly changing: new buildings arise, older once getting restored and other ones getting demolished to make room for new developments. The spot which have been cleaned of former buildings often look […]

Giant Waves: First sketch for Maasvlakte2

Within the new development area Maasvlakte2 a recreational beach will be created. In order to reach the beach from out the parking area you have to conquer a seven meters high dune. Sure […]