Maasstad Hospital construction; solving logistics puzzles

This post is about how we are solving a typical logistics puzzle for Maasstad Hospital Rotterdam, who assigned us to contract and supervise the construction of the environmental and transport park for their newly built hospital.

With many different construction parties needing access at different times, each with different needs, keeping the logistics under control is critical for any project to come in on time. Maasstad Hospital is the same. I will keep you updated on how this project is developing in later posts. For now, here’s where we are up to:

Our construction partner …

Van Dijk Maasland has all the technical experience and skills needed for a successful construction project. They started construction in August of this year. Since then we have been working together every day on this exciting and intense job.

The logistics puzzle …

The plot is just around 40 by 34 metres. Within this space we have to fit:

– a 30,000 litres underground oil tank

– a based gas depot and shore facilities

– a depository for flammable materials

– a steel construction with a height of 4 metres

– hundreds of metres wires and pipes!

In addition, the plot is fully surrounded by the rest of the hospital grounds. On these grounds one contractor is working on the outdoor space. And two other building contractors are trying to make sure their work doesn’t stop access.

But! There is neither working space nor storage accommodation and the supply and discharge transport routes sometimes change daily. That’s quite a challenge.

Ensuring access …

Since October 1st the hospital construction is completed. Since the first part of the pavement has been completed perfectly in time, the plot can now be used to for full access to the hospital for the construction.

Meanwhile the construction activities and the installing of wires and pipes are continuing. But we have to make sure the loading docks of the adjoining power house should be accessible at all times for provisional transport.

Good communications are key …

Managing all this means we look at the situation every single day. Where needed we assemble fences and dock boards, and make sure we consult often with all the parties involved.

More complications …

Meanwhile, there are lots of other activities which demand a tight schedule, our close involvement, and the flexibility of the constructor. Think about activities of third parties such as installing oil, CO2 and oxygen pipes, the installation of a gas depot and a depository for flammable materials.

If you think this was all: things change constantly! We have to consider change during the process itself. As the project is progressing, the hospital has ordered several additional activities like assembling buffer plates, drilling and sealing of cambers, installing more wires and pipe sleeves and fitting a basement for the depository for flammable materials.

All in all, it’s a complicated project. But it’s one of the things we love to do – making sure the client is happy, and keeping tight control on the logistics so the project comes in on time.

We’ll keep you posted about this exciting project as we progress!

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