Winners of the Vlietvoorde Tender!!

Winners of the Vlietvoorde Tender!!

Stijlgroep Landscape and Urban Design, as partner of the Design Collective Vlietvoorde, is delighted to announce that our proposal for development of 6.7 hectares (within the Duivenvoorde Corridor, between The Hague and Leiden) has been given the highest score within the competition in which landscape was proclaimed to be the leading factor!

The location has been cleared of greenhouses and a layered landscape will be generated on the bordering area between dunes (sand) and polder (peat). A total of 122 houses shall be placed within the rich landscape in a seamless manner. The area as a whole and individual houses shall be realized in the most sustainable manner. Ecology, history and a strong social component were defining themes within our vision.

Total surface area: 6.7 hectares

Footprint built area: 12.200 m2

Number of houses: 122

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