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Valley 21 | Our first week digesting all info

Stijlgroep | Valley 21

After a week of consuming in Vama Buzaului (information, impressions and the fabulous hospitality) this week was meant to create some order in all the information that we gathered. We have the outlines of the organization of the process, the product list of the design team was made and agreed upon, and over a thousand pictures of the whole area were exchanged.
We just couldn’t wait to start thinking and dreaming about the possibilities in Valley 21, but first we had to structure all the digital information to see if we have enough information.

Next week we will start will analysing the topography, defining the landscape and securing structures we discover in the valley. Based on what we have seen we think that each plot between the green zones that run down the northern slope has a certain identity and orientation in itself which needs to be explored.

But let us already trigger your thoughts by the first sketch that came to table while discussing the typography of architecture. During the next couple of weeks we will define an architecture that will incorporate the three themes, selected by the council: innovative and luxurious, with elements of tradition from the region and last but not least: respectfully integrated in the landscape. Have a nice weekend!
Stijlgroep | Valley 21
Stijlgroep | Valley 21

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