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Binckhorst: pilot for the new environment & planning act

Binckhorst: pilot for the new environment & planning act

Urban Planning in the Netherlands is in constant development, in order to provide a firm and efficient legal ground for urban and rural development. In an environment that is always changing, with less clearer horizons, a new, more flexible way of urban planning is necessary.
The Dutch government wants to simplify the laws on the environment and planning and to combine them in a single Environment & Planning Act. For the time being, the Act will replace 15 existing laws, including the Water Act, the Crisis & Recovery Act and the Spatial Planning Act. The provisions of eight other laws will be transferred to the Environment & Planning Act (Omgevingswet).

In order to meet these goals, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment started up the program “Simply better” and invited specialists from different fields of urban planning and development, to join a think tank, that work on the implementation of this more consistent and efficient EU environment legislation.
Several pilots around the country are selected to monitor and test the new and simplified legislation as suggested in the process of the new Environment & Planning Act, in a process that is called OER (Environment Effect Report). Stijlgroep is asked to join the core team of one of the major pilot projects, the redevelopment and transformation of the industrial area of the Binckhorst towards a sustainable and dense mixed use area, minutes from the inner city of the government city of The Hague.

For decades Stijlgroep landscape and urban design made it her mission to advice on flexible horizons with flexible master planning in an ambitious sustainable and people-orientated field, thus creating an environment that adapts to both the (urban) spatial development as well as the always changing use of the people who live in it. We managed to integrate the variety of processes and sustainability systems provided by e.g. BREEAM, LEED and the Green Building Council Challenge, from a vision that sustainability has multiple aspects: social, economic, environmental, where many of the goals as already determined at the principle thought of the development, way before the building process.

At full speed and with a lot of enthusiasm, we joined this high pressure cooker process of the Binckhorst. In an integral approach, together with disciplines such as lawyers, planners, environmental specialists and local stakeholders, we look forward to come up with creative and flexible solutions that are user orientated, meet the high standards of the new Environment and Planning Act. And at the same time we are confident that this approach will invite and provoke private entrepreneurs, to invest in the ambition and the renewal of the Binckhorst.

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