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Sewer inspection

We have already reported about our work for Maasstad Hospital in Rotterdam a couple of times earlier on. Not all subjects can be as exiting and appealing as the patios… also much more ‘earthly’ subjects such as sewage matters deserve our attention.

Anyone who ever dealt with the construction of sewages is familiar with the phenomenon of sewage inspection. Not such a long time ago the transition in using DVD instead of video tape was made. This new technology saves the time for rinsing the sewage forward and reverse.

Quite recently we saw this new technology at the inspection of the sewer system of the Maasstad Hospital. The company Vandervalk+deGroot offered a panorama-system and most parts of the circa 1.6 km long sewages of the hospital have been inspected this way.

This system (panoramo) uses a pair of fisheye lenses: one in front of and one behind the camera. By using customized software all images are being ‘put together’. This makes it possible to operate the camera afterwards in a real-time stream and to rotate the view to all sides.
The biggest advantage is the fact that damage classifications can be done afterwards, which reduces the amount of time for the actual inspection.

In the attached video a part of the inspection can be followed and the damage on the sewage can easily been seen. Regarding the dimension of the damage this could have been detected also quite easily with the traditional method.

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