Stijlgroep projects

Carpet of pavement.

Van Muijen Betonbouw | Marsmanplein
In 2005 we started with the project Marsmanplein in Haarlem. Commissioned by project developer Leyten we worked together with DKV architecten at this design.

Streetlife | Marsmanplein
As you can see in our earlier post we tried to make it a beautifull outdoor space. It is great to see that even the streetfurniture we proposed has passed the design proces and is used as intended.

Streetlife | Marsmanplein
The lanterns and flowerpot are looking lovely on the colorfull and warm carpet of pavement. You can recognize the Mega Bloempotten of Streetlife like I recognized our project on this pictures in their newsletter based on the small piece of pavement you can see.

Streetlife | Marsmanplein

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