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The journey continues..

The journey continues..

Our dealings as Stijlgroep with the Kingdom of Bahrain are taking shape ever more. Earlier this week, the Bahraini delegation of investors, building companies, pension funds and the Economic Development Board came to the Netherlands to further concretize collaborations. It was a very interesting meet-up, as a range of new projects and possibilities of developments were discussed. Stijlgroep, as a part of the GoDutch Consortium (GDC) in collaboration with the Dutch Building Association (DBA), was one of the hosts.

The delegation focused on the qualities of services and projects of both the members of the GoDutch Consortium and the Dutch Building Association. Various of the involved offices and a number of built projects were included in the visit to the Netherlands. Some of the projects visited included Cité (Tangram/GDC, van Rossum/DBA), Plan Tij (Plan Tide) (Stijlgroep/GDC) and De Rotterdam (building management DVP/DBA). Tuesday September 1st, the trip was concluded with a visit to Fachjan in  Honselersdijk and a dinner in the centre of Naaldwijk, which was designed by Stijlgroep in 1999.

During the stay at Stijlgroep, we presented to the delegation two design proposals set on prime strategic locations in Bahrain, these locations were earlier assigned to us as to give our vision on the complex spatial context. These design proposals were presented and discussed and were received with great enthusiasm. Next steps will be made shortly, but for now, our place on the Bahrain International Garden Show (BIGS) of 2016 is set, which is again a great opportunity and a new step in the ongoing and exiting journey.






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