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Suburbia Transformed 2.0

Stijlgroep | Plan Tide masterplan

We are proud to announce that Plan Tide is in the competion for an award Suburbia Transformed 2.0 at the James Rose Center.

The James Rose Center, a non-profit landscape research and study foundation, is headquartered in Ridgewood, New Jersey at what was formerly the home of James Rose, built in 1953 for himself and family members. Before he died in 1991, Rose set in motion the establishment of the Center and created a foundation to support the transformation of his Ridgewood residence for this purpose.

The mission of the Center is to contribute to a more sustainable suburban condition through preservation, research and design. It provides and/or sponsors authoritative lectures, tours, classes, symposia, professional historical documentation, modern landscape preservation, consultation and research, student and professional awards programs and student internships.

Stijlgroep | ST2 award | James Rose Center

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